Track 1

Governance, Politics, Ethics and Conflict in Planning

  • Klaus Frey
    • Federal University of ABC (Brazil)
  • Ayda Eraydin
    • Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
  • Simin Davoudi
    • Newcastle University (England)

We welcome papers on how politics is manifested in the planning contents, shaped by institutional arrangements, and played out in the planning processes, as well as papers on the role of planning in the politics of place and the governance of social, temporal and spatial relations. How conflicts are created, resolved or escalated in planning and how planning creates, maintains or exacerbates conflicts? How compromises are made and by whom and how planning forecloses political framing? Who loses and who benefits from planning outcomes? Whose voices are heard and how they are incorporated in planning processes? Are there paradigmatic shifts in sight?

We are interested in papers that deepen our understanding of governance and politics both in and of planning. In line with the theme of the conference, we particularly welcome papers that discuss these issues in the context of global economic, social and environmental challenges. Papers adopting a comparative perspective between Global North and Global South would provide added value.