Track 5

Planning Practice and Innovation in Planning Education

  • Ângela Gordilho
    • Federal University of Bahia (Brazil)
  • Andrea Frank
    • Cardiff University (Wales)
  • Daniel Inkoom
    • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)

Increasing urbanization and significant changes in rural areas pose considerable challenges to the planning profession. To support development that is both just and sustainable, planners need to develop new strategies, practices and tactics. Moreover, planning education programs need to prepare students for working in a dynamic, contested, and uncertain environment where actions need to be negotiated amongst affected stakeholder groups and their interests.

In this vein, this track invites papers and presentations of

  • Case studies, projects and innovative practice approaches that focus on spatial justice issues;
  • Planning modules and courses covering spatial justice, negotiation and mediation skills development;
  • Other accounts of innovations in planning education, e.g., working collaboratively with communities, NGOs and practitioners or cutting-edge pedagogies involving technology-assisted, interdisciplinary and/or international teaching aimed at preparing students for challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s planning challenges.
  • Authors are expected to take a critical, reflective stance relating their work to pedagogical and/or planning theories.