Track 7

Planning Theory

  • Márcio Valença
    • Federal University of Rio Grando do Norte (Brazil)
  • Jean Hillier
    • RMIT University (Australia)
  • Vanessa Watson
    • University of Cape Town (South Africa)

The material realities of various economic, social and environmental crises experienced around the globe are of increasing concern to planning theorists interested in questions of social and spatial justice. The idea of the 'right to the city' is one of many theoretical frames for thinking of how questions of justice can be addressed. Other frames include poststructuralist and/or post-humanist approaches; those which focus on the close urban-rural (and inter-regional) ties which persist in many parts of the world; those which recognise in/justices as intrinsically spatially manifest; and other approaches.

This track especially welcomes innovative contributions which address planning theory as a powerful tool to overcome injustice, especially those addressing the role of participatory politics and governance, of social and grassroots movements, and of insurgency and popular mobilization in the wake of increasing neo-liberalization and of market-driven property development.