Track 9

City Marketing, Healthy Cities and Planning

  • Fernanda Sanchez
    • Federal University Fluminense (Brazil)
  • Sebnem Gokcen
    • Docuz Eylul University (Turkey)
  • Andrew Seidel
    • University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)

Hegemonic neoliberal discourse claims that cities are engaged in a fierce competition for limited amount of mobile capital. The acceptance that competition is inevitable has led to the adoption of city marketing as a key urban planning policy. This practice, however, has been problematized in the field of urban studies and often challenged by civil society in many cities around the world.

We encourage applicants to submit abstracts addressing these topics:

  • Imaginaries, representation and consensus building: city marketing in the contemporary urban planning agenda;
  • ulture, art and symbolic investments as planning tools;
  • Competitive cities, Healthy cities, Smart Cities, Creative Cities: the role of city marketing to reshape planning models and their orders of justification;
  • Public spaces, social conflict and contested city images;
  • Symbolic disputes over urban renewal, large urban projects, commodified and mediated cityscapes;
  • Planning, power relations and media;
  • New experiences in communicative planning, networked urbanism and democracy.