Track 12

Climate Change, Resource Management, Sustainability and Environmental Justice

  • Ana Claudia Cardoso
    • Federal University of Pará (Brazil)
  • Richard Sliuzas
    • University of Twente (Netherlands)
  • Vivek Shandas
    • Portland State University (USA)

Transformative spatial planning practices are required to respond to complex issues of climate change, natural resource management, sustainability and environmental justice. We envisage a cross-cultural dialogue that explores the diversity of settings, challenges and responses to these concerns. We invite contributions on the mutual exchange of knowledge between research and practice, focusing on questions of equity, justice, and empowerment.

Some key questions we aim to explore include: how do asymmetrical power relations influence the effectiveness of planning systems on addressing complex environmental challenges? In what ways does the spatial and temporal scale impact relevant planning interventions? What role does systems thinking play in current planning practices and regimes? How does local (indigenous) knowledge inform spatial planning’s responses to environmental justice challenges? Do cross-cultural learning and exchanges transform spatial planning? How do open spatial data and models contribute to our environmental understanding and the development of transformative planning responses?

These questions will help us to frame a comparative approach to understanding the role of contemporary spatial planning practices in environmental justice discourses.