Track 15

Transportation and Infrastructure Planning

  • Simaia do Socorro Sales das Mercês
    • Federal University of Pará (Brazil)
  • Ela Babalik-Sutcliffe
    • Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
  • Bhuiyan M. Alam
    • University of Toledo (USA)

Planning for livable, sustainable, and socially just settlements requires the creation of high-quality infrastructure services, while providing accessible, safe and secure transport systems. This Track invites research on how to eliminate spatial inequalities by using transport and infrastructure, and how to collectively build socially sustainable and resilient cities that offer services, which are accessible to all and affordable by all. We welcome contributions addressing the following issues:

  • Theoretical and methodological approaches to transport and infrastructure planning
  • Regulatory framework, institutions, financing mechanisms
  • The transport disadvantaged, social exclusion and equity
  • The role of accessibility and mobility in the reproduction of social processes
  • The role of public transport and non-motorized transport
  • Impact of urban planning and design on accessibility, mobility, and travel behavior
  • Impact of information and communication technologies on transport and space
  • Safety and security
  • Housing policies integrated with accessibility and mobility policies.